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Post by nympho<3 on Sun Apr 11, 2010 2:06 am

Thanks to [SlaK]UnTriggeR for posting this on thread and for making the custom ruleset for the tournament.

This mod may be avoided, if both teams agree.

Guide: How to
setup pam4 for hosting a match

This is a guide on how to host with pam4 with the cups custom ruleset

  • The host need to download the following mod:

  • Extract the mod folder "pam4_Garena" to "your cod folder"\mods\
  • Launch
  • In menu click on mods and choose pam4_Garena
  • CoD
    will restart with the modification
  • Now start a game with map
    and gametype by your choice (S&D or TDM)

Your server is now running in public mode with the modification pam4

  • To execute the custom ruleset simply write in console, this is the only command you need to execute!!

/pam_mode pam2

  • The server is now runing pam4 with custom ruleset in match mode

  • No need to change scorelimit, respawndelay,
    timelimits, etc
    as these are executed through this one command

These are the custom rulesets that are being automatically executed for
S&D and TDM

Search & Destroy

scr_sd_bombtimer "45" // Time for bomb to explode is 45
scr_sd_defusetime "5" // Time to defuse bomb is 5
scr_sd_planttime "5" // Time to plant bomb is 5 seconds
scr_sd_roundswitch, "3" // Teams switch sides every
third round
scr_sd_scorelimit "12" // Scorelimit to reach for
victory is 12 rounds
scr_sd_timelimit "2" // Timelimit for each round is 2

pam_sd_spawn_protection "2" // A spawn protection will
be enabled for 2 seconds after starting round

// Timeout
pam_timeout_limit "1"
pam_timeout_length "120" // in seconds
1 timeout of 120 seconds is allowed by each team on each map
To take a timeout press B when alive to bring forward the "quick info
menu" then choose pammod options and timeout

Team Deathmatch
scr_war_playerrespawndelay "3 // Respawn time after
death is 3 seconds
scr_war_scorelimit "1000" // Scorelimit to reach for
victory of map is 1000
scr_war_timelimit "20" // Timelimit for the map to be
played on is 20 minutes (after timelimit reached the team with most
score wints)

Match Mode

When running matchmode all players of both teams must press their key
assigned for "use/activate" default F to
ready up, This must also be done to cancel a timeout and resume the game
before the time of 120 seconds has past.

Differences from HC
They only difference i can think of is that
noise is made
when starting to plant the bomb (same as starting
to defuse the bomb) (also used in promod) therefor you can fake-plant
the bomb as fake-defuse the bomb.

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